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new dba – Oracle interview questions

this will be a very big list of interview questions which will be constantly updated.

first go to the 50 dba terminologies that you should know as a database administrator..

50 dba terms

ok..once you finished answering all the questions in the above link then go on tackling the below questions.

1)what is the difference between a production dba and a development dba ?
2)As a new dba how do you use the various ITIL terminologies like incident management , problem management , change management?
3)What is performance tuning and what performance tuning have you done recently and which tools did you use for the performance tuning and which are the various tools that you can use in oracle 10g to performance tune your database?
4)What is oracle metalink and how do you use oracle metalink and for what purpose did you recently use oracle metalink?
5)Did you use oracle enterprise manager and are you comfortable using different enterprise manager screens?
6)Explain about 10 problems that you have solved recently and which one among them has been really critical for the company?

Now we will divide the interview questions according to category. I will give the questions based on my real life dba experiences so as you try to find the answers you will also prepare yourself for the real world dba job.

Control File

1)In which database views can you find out information about the control file?

2)When you start the database, at what stage does oracle read the controlfile and what is this stage called?

3)Can you open a database without using a controlfile?

4)Which command do you use to create a controlfile creation script ?

5)what is the purpose of the command “alter database backup controlfile to trace” and when do you use this?

6)suppose your production database controlfile is corrupt. how do you recover it?

7)when creating a database you have to specify the folder names where oracle should put the control files. In which file do you have to specify these folder names?

8)Control file has certain parameters like maxlogfiles,maxlogmembers,maxdatafiles etc. you specify these parameters during database creation in the create database command. how do you change the values of these parameters once the database is created?Which parameters can be changed and which parameters cannot be changed?

9)How many controlfile copies must be/better to be  created during database creation and why do we need to have more than one copy?

10)which rman command do you use to recover your control file?

Archivelog file

1)How do you put your database in archivelog mode?

2)how do you put your database in no archivelog mode?

3)which parameters do you need to set before putting your database in archivelog mode?

4)which parameters should you comment before stopping the archivemode of your database?

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