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“ One of the oldest civilisations in the world, India is a mosaic of multicultural experiences. With a rich heritage and myriad attractions, the country is among the most popular tourist destinations in the world “ –

The above sentence may not be incorrect but anyone following the safety of women in India would agree that something is destroying the core fabric of India.

Following the news articles , one cannot help but wonder about how animals are being brought up throughout india in the disguise of men . Maybe every Indian man is not like that but the frequent beastly incidents devouring the lives of girls and women is a slap on the face to every indian leader , official and fellow indian citizens who try to shout out loud about the rich indian heritage.

Is it the poverty ? We cannot blame it entirely on poverty as we have many known cases of spoilt beasts from the politically affluent families taking the lives of innocent and gullible women.

Is it arrogance resulting from extreme riches ? We cannot blame on it either as we see crimes on women happening across all the economic classes.

Then why is this happening ? why are the existing laws not able to stop these barbaric crimes from happening? Why are the crimes still happening when the hundreds of news channels , news papers and the numerous ordinary people are protesting loudly with one strong voice denouncing the crimes ?

It cannot be one single factor. It is time for activism to shape the general attitudes towards girls and women in every corner of india .

– Make this as a subject in every government and private school. Let every week spent at school enforce the correct attitudes towards women so that the change in attitudes originating from schools permeate every membrane of the indian society.
– raise collective voice and take action at school to handle any incidents undermining the self respect of the girl child .
– Let all Parents understand that it is their responsibility to train boys to respect girls and women in general.
– Let parents regularly check the activities of their boys, teenagers and grown men.
– Let parents not be afraid to take outside help from social organisations, psychologists or police when they notice criminal attitudes towards women developing in their child irrespective of their age .
– Let parents follow up with the school and put pressure so that regular weekly lessons that emphasise respect for women keep happening.
– Let every family and individual enforce continuously the below mottos

Respect women at work.

Respect women at home.

Respect women at school.

Respect women in politics.

Respect women on the road.

Respect women in the streets.

Respect women in transport.

– Let everyone understand that people come to india to learn our culture, find peace here and it is every ones duty to save our culture. We should teach our boys from childhood about women safety and respect.
– Please don’t support any criminal behaviour towards women from anyone be it your sibling , neighbour , relative , friend or stranger.
– Be a Citizen police . Use the latest technology to contact law enforcement (call 100) every time you notice eve teasing or any other small or big crimes against girls and women .
– Violence against women doesn’t just start. It grows. Gender-based violence starts with disrespectful behaviour. Making excuses for boys allows them to develop attitudes that can lead to violence. Let’s stop making excuses and start conversations about respect.
– conduct behavioural awareness sessions at home , schools , offices etc .
– Teach a boy respect,Teach a boy equality,Teach a boy responsibility,Teach a boy that men protect & promote the rights of women.Teach boys to respect girls today; men who stand against rape culture tomorrow.Teach a boy to be a man.

The thoughts outlined here are the authors thoughts and also inspired from the various protests happening on the social
media. Please spare a minute and reflect . Let us save our sisters and let us save India .

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