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Day 5 – Big data Project

1.Developing a java app that shows a list of Hdfs folders by making a call to impala host when lot of other users are as well using the same host simultaneously will bring issues to the webapp if impala is hanging . Either make sure that the impala node that the java host is using to connect is different than the impala nodes used by the users or enable load balancing for impala.

2.It is quite easy for users concurrently running impala queries that are consuming huge memory resources to saturate the impala node. Saw that users do not have much experience with writing performant queries or are not aware of statistics on tables that could cause bad impala plans .

3.The best project to work would be a team where everyone wants to make their best effort without lying to propagate their agenda.

4.It is always great inspiration to see some senior professionals completely concentrating on giving productive output without giving much attention to their high role in the organisation.

5.It is quite easy to get caught in office politics and if your whole time is spend on just for a stupid satisfaction of who personally won then that person is totally missing the point and losing all the years when he/she might finally realise that it was not worth.

6.The one overwhelming attitude that was observed in all managers was the cool attitude whether real or fake. However people with genuine attitude were easily recognisable based on my experience.

7.Colleagues working in process management departments have the job to watch out for process violations . The colleagues doing the work in real projects are always driven by overwhelming deadlines. This 2 sides of a coin makes for interesting conflicts s , emails , seemingly constructive meetings and a mix of constructive and disastrous meetings .

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