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Day 4 – Big Data Project

1.when you try to deploy certificates and if the number of alternate/alias names limit is reached , you could try to have multiple certificates for multiple services .

2.users impala queries are taking all available memory on a node and causing memory issues for other queries . The solution is to configure load balancing for impala and as well making sure statistics are gathered on all the tables . Even a well tuned system can be brought to its knees if the users don’t write proper queries .

3.Developing Web applications that point to impala might cause issues to the webapp if background processes are not used to connect to impala and when impala hangs due to other reasons.

4.meetings and adhoc discussions on multiple topics can take up most of the working time sometimes.

5.Always find the things that have to be delegated.This leaves time to work on more productive things .

6.Make sure proper timeout vslues are configured for hadoop services or even zombie sessions would take up all the resources .

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