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Day 3 – Big Data Project

1. If your project is using informatica BDM or EIC and you have multiple linux hosts for example hosting the informatica services, you might want to deploy just one certificate on all hosts . The certificate should have all the host names and the load balancer names. This will ensure that even though the services fail over to different nodes the ssl connection still works.

2.Always keep track of all your infrastructure requests and the ticket numbers in an excel . This will help you to remember stuff but also will be extremely useful when other colleagues have to do similar work .

3.Never underestimate the collaboration required from different teams when security aspects related to opening up your big data platform from teleworking need to be ironed out.

4.Consider running Hue instances on all the nodes. Consider having Hue load balancers . Consider manually changing the default number of concurrent Hue connections from 150 to 550 as a minimum in the mysql database .

5. When you want to implement multi factor authentication for your big data appliance consider using a secure server to which you can RDP using your smart card tied to a special account . The special account can only login into this secure server. Consider the discussions with architecture and security colleagues and the process overhead when doing a proof of concept in the production environment.

6.It is very amusing that when one project wants to go live today evening at 18:00 and they need your database account password to create a oracle dblink in their database , they inform you just 2 minutes before the implementation window. Nevertheless always be prepared to be amused by these IT work life glitches.

7.The other amusing thing is that when you are trying yo juggle 20 project coordination activities , your process management colleagues call you for presenting your service . Nothing against the request but the fact that it is very hard to squeeze the time can cause you to refuse or delay the request.

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