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Day 2 – Big Data Project

  1. Involved in activities related to enabling smart card login into a windows server . This requires a windows GPO. This requires our service to have a specific tree in active directory. To create a new tree in active directory involves multiple process management activities which delay the actual technical work that needs to be done. Having patience in travelling through the process maze is the key to get things done efficiently.
  2. Involved in activities linked to setting up infrastructure in the acceptance environment. setting up infrastructure involves taking care of firewall rules between different networks , raising change requests for provisioning of the servers , requesting databases , coordinating with colleagues from different teams , lot of process oriented things and waiting for colleagues in a different department to pick up your task.
  3. when you are involved in multiple projects , urgency in one project has the potential to decrease your patience when colleagues in a different project either don’t do their part or due to practical reasons expect you to know everything about the other project. The key is to understand that they are trying their best and focussing on clarifying the expectations or pointing towards the right course of action.misunderstandings during these kind of situations can lead to conflicts with colleagues. patience and calmness will always help you , the team and the organisation.

  4. It is quite common when involved in multiple projects to be drowned by lot of emails , phone calls and adhoc meetings. The key is to prioritise the tasks or at least start documenting your time through apps like toggle. This will mainly help you to understand where you are spending your time and in case of misunderstandings with team mates or project managers or people managers , this log will help in everyone understanding the workload. This will also help you to better plan your work by identifying the time wasters , tasks where you are slow , tasks which have to be avoided etc.
  5. planning your work , updating your personal project plan also takes time and with practice the time you spend on these planning activities will decrease.
  6. we had a case where 2 users accessing impala had a completely different experience . 1 user was able to retrieve the data through impala quite fast and the other one had a very low performance . no problem was visible in the cluster . we discussed within the team and wanted to look at different options like verifying the users laptop , to see whether the user was connected to the LAN or to the wireless network etc.
  7. we encountered a strange behaviour in our informatics BDM and EIC environment . all of a sudden the developers connecting to the informatics services experienced severe performance issues. The linux servers on which informatica is installed did not have any issue. when someone logged into the linux server they were able to access the information,atica services without any issue. informatica support proposed looking at the ports next time the issue happens as some zombie processes might be blocking the ports .withn 8 hours are so the issue was automatically resolved. during the time the issue was happening multiple options like failing over the services into different nodes and restarting the services were tried but did not help. next day morning the issue was resolved. we will keep a close eye on this topic.
  8. one of the challenge when working in a famous project is the you get calls from different departments who want to know more about your project . they would like to have a presentation. when you are completely immersed in your day to day tasks it is quite challenging to schedule time for these meetings.For the moment i am following the approach of doing the tasks with high priority.
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