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CSS daemon errors – for the new oracle dba career

a new oracle dba can find here on how to troubleshoot the css daemon errors on a Unix operating system when starting oracle ..

we got issues because of css daemon

During the installation of 10.1.0  oracle automatically starts the css daemon

When a new oracle home exists then the css daemon has to be reconfigured so that error messages are not reported in the log file. Normally oracle recommends to ignore these error messages. Better is to delete this css daemon as this is useful only when we have oracle ASM used.

I don’t think performance issue is due to this because then in that case we have to see same issue on preproduction..

The errors can be found in the log directory


below command can be used to reconfigure the css daemon to new oracle home

/opt/oracle/product/10.2.0/bin/localconfig reset /opt/oracle/product/10.2.0

also more info can be found in

Subject: OCSSD.BIN Process is Running in a Non-RAC Environment      
  Doc ID: Note:266079.1 Type: PROBLEM
  Last Revision Date: 17-JAN-2008 Status: PUBLISHED

In this Document

Applies to:

Oracle Server – Enterprise Edition – Version: 10.1
This problem can occur on any platform.


After installing a non-RAC (Real Application Clusters) 10g database, you notice an ocssd.bin process running.

stsun7% ps -ef | grep ocssd.bin
oracle 11139 11056 0 14:02:14 pts/52 0:00 grep ocssd.bin
oracle 1824 1 0 Mar 12 ? 0:01 /oracle/64bit/10.1.0/bin/ocssd.bin


This is expected behavior.


In a non-RAC environment, the ocssd.bin process is used for communication between a database instance and the ASM (Automatic Storage Management) instance. Even if you are not using ASM this process will be run out of the inittab:

stsun7% more /etc/inittab | grep cssd
h1:3:respawn:/etc/init.d/init.cssd run >/dev/null 2>&1

This process does not consume many resources and can be ignored if you are not running RAC or ASM. If you decide that you want to use ASM in the future, it will be necessary for this process to be running.

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