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About ITCareerShift

We have a collective experience of 30 years as a Oracle DBA. If you want to change your career and become a Oracle DBA , then our experience will enable us to guide you to reach your goal. Please do not expect miracles. If you search in google you would find hundreds of good blogs concentrating on different oracle DBA topics . However you would not know where to start. You could take training from Oracle directly but some of you might find them very expensive. You might want to take training in a training institute but you don’t know whether the instructor has real world experience.

Hence you can use this blog to know about how to start learning , what to start learning etc.
This blog would guide you in a phased manner and even pointing out to some amazing blogs out there.

This blog informs you the top 50 terms that you should learn before thinking of attending any trainings or reading free articles and documentation on the oracle website or other oracle blogs.

We hope this blog could genuinely help you to have a good start in the Oracle DBA World.

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