What is a Port
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This page contains information about what a port means and why a dba should know about ports
and what the practical uses are.

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What is a Port?

First it is important to know that there are both software and hardware ports.
A port is just a interface (or for example you can imagine your telephone socket on the phone)
between two computers or two software programs. So if two computers want to talk to each other,
each of them should communicate through a port. If two software programs want to talk with each
other, each of them should talk through a port.

If you want to know about hardware ports please click
Hardware port

A DBA should mostly be concerned with software ports. This software port is like a virtual (no
physical shape) connection so software programs talk with each other. The two well known ports
used by majority of software programs are the TCP and UDP ports.

Now we saw above that a software port does not have any shape. Then how can we identify it?
Fortunately an organization called Internet assigned numbers Authority assigns a list of Port numbers.
we can identify the different ports with these numbers.

if you want to see all the different port numbers click on
Different Port Numbers

So how is this information practically important to a DBA?

When you install oracle enterprise manager on a  server , oracle automatically assigns some port
numbers to it. So we can open the database control in 10g by using a link like http:/servername:1018
The 1018 is the port number.

So in this way different oracle components uses different portnumbers and hence you should know
what a port is. Sometimes problems would become because the port is blocked by a fire wall or the
unix administrator has not configured the port correctly. So in those cases you have to speak to the
unix administrator to see that the port is configured correctly.

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