Starting down and shutting down the Database
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This page contains information about how to start and shutdown a database.

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How to Start and shutdown a database on a Unix server?

1)Log into the Unix server using Putty or exceed or Reflexion
2)Set your oracle environment variables and use the .profile file as explained in the
connecting to the database on a unix server.
3)Once the environment is set properly then execute the below command

sqlplus / as sysdba

or you can also use the below command

sqlplus " / as sysdba "

4)Now execute the startup command using the pfile parameter. You have to specify the location of
your pfile. If you are new to the job then ask your colleagues for the location of the pfile.You can
also search for the pfile in the $ORACLE_HOME/dbs folder. Oracle looks in this folder for the
pfile or spfile by default.Ok now execute the command

startup pfile = '/opt/oracle/mydatabase/initmydatabase.ora'

5)If your environment is set up correctly , then the above command would have started the database.

6)Now shutdown the database using the below command

shutdown immediate;

This command will shutdown the database immediately by cancelling any user sessions that are open.

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