Real Life Production Problems and Solutions
*******Summary of How this page can help you**************

Under this page a new dba can find real life production problems and solutions.
On the left hand menu select the albhabet you want and you will
find the problems for issues starting with that alphabet.

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In the previous topic " Complete Guidance for the New DBA " we saw all the different topics you
should get a grip on. If you searched in the internet there is plenty of information for each of the
topics.Hence we do not want to give that information here. This section contains real life production
problems that we experienced in our dba career.

Initially go to this link and on the right hand side select the real life scenarios item and you will see
different articles on real time database problems and their solutions

real life scenarios for the new dba

All of them will be organized according to albhabetic order. Therefore for example if you are
looking for archivelog or auditing you will find it under the page A in the left hand menu.
You are encouraged to leave your comments or questions in case you are encountering a problem
and need a solution.

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