Different Oracle Versions
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This page contains information about the Different Oracle versions

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How many Different versions of Oracle Exists at the moment?

The latest Oracle versions that are in use are Oracle 11g , Oracle 10g , Oracle 9i.
Some companies are  still using Oracle 8i but Oracle does not support this version any more.

Oracle 11g is the latest version and companies are slowly upgrading their databases to 11g but it
takes another couple of years before all the companies move into 11g.

Currently majority of companies prefer to be on oracle 10g as 10g has lot of features. The g in 10g
stands for 'Grid' . This means the concept where multiple computers can be used together to make
the database more powerful. This is called the grid concept. Oracle 10g with RAC(real application
clusters) is viewed by lot of companies to be very powerful and following the Grid concept.

Similarly the i in 8i or 9i stands for internet as these versions were released during the internet boom

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Oracle History

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