About Oracle Client and Oracle Server
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This page contains information about what an Oracle Client and Oracle Server means.

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What is a Oracle Server?

Imagine that you have a laptop. It has 2 GB RAM , 200 GB Hard disk and you use it for playing
some video games ,chatting etc. So it is your personal computer.

Now Imagine all the Software Companies having huge Oracle databases. Where would they store
their databases? They cant fit into your personal Laptop as your laptop capacity is too small.

Hence those Oracle databases need to be stored in some powerful computers. These powerful
computers are called Servers.

So an Oracle Server is a Powerful computer where an Oracle database is present.

If you want to connect to the database , then you should first connect to the server and then connect
to the database.

Some of our Servers where we work have 64GB  RAM , 5000 GB  Hard Disk Space etc.So you
can imagine how powerful these Servers are.

Quite often a Server is also called as a Database Server if a database is stored on it.

There is also a Second and very Important Meaning for the word ' Oracle Server ' . It is the name of
the Oracle RDBMS that Oracle Corporation is selling. You know that if you have to play  a video
game on a computer , somebody should have first written some program/code to make that video
game. In a similar way if you want to create a oracle database you should first of all have the oracle
software installed on a Server. This Oracle software that is used for the creation and management of
a oracle database is called ' Oracle Server '.

So now you have read two meanings for the word ' Oracle Server '  .

What is a Oracle Client?

Now Imagine that you are sick. What do you do? You need to talk to the doctor to cure your
sickness. So you are the Patient . Without Patients there is no need for a doctor. Right?

OK. In the previous question we saw what a Oracle Server is. Now let us imagine that you have
1000 friends. All your friends information is stored on the Oracle Server in the oracle database .
You want to read all that information. How do you read it?  First of all you should be connected to
the Oracle Server.

so it means you are the user and you need to connect to the Oracle server to read the information
from the database. So in the database world you are called as an ' Client ' . A Client is a person/tool
that needs to talk to a Server. Same way that a patient needs to talk to a doctor.

This ' Client '  needs some software to make a connection to the Oracle database. Oracle
corporation provides a product called as ' Oracle Client' . This software is useful for you to connect
to the database server(Oracle server). You should therefore install the ' Oracle Client' on your
computer if you want to connect to a Oracle database which is on a server.

In case you are connecting to some website like google and if google is connecting to the database
server then the ' Oracle Client' needs to be installed on the server where the Google web application
is present.

So always understand that  ,in order to connect to a database which is on a Server you need the
Oracle Client.

Ok.In the above paragraphs we tried to give a simplified version of what a Oracle Server and a
Oracle Client means.

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About Oracle Client and Server

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