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How can i become a DBA ? Is it very Difficult?

You can change your career and become a dba more easily than you might have thought of.
Follow the detailed guidelines in this site and within 6 months you will gain the necessary experience
and knowledge. Remember practise is the first and foremost requisite.

How can IT career Shift help you?

Welcome. If  you are interested to shift your career into the IT or software field due to your
technical or financial or other interest , then this site can help to guide you in a proper way by
showing you what to learn ,what to practise,in which order and where you can find more
information on other websites.

Currently this site will contain articles and links that guide you to start a career in the Oracle DBA
Area. So if you are interested to shift your career to  become an Oracle DBA then you can find
all relevant information for a new DBA here.

If you are new to the IT(Information Technology) area , there is lot of information which might not
make sense to you initially. When we shifted our career into the IT field we experienced the same
problem. Searching in google brought back loads of information and we didnt know what to read
first. We didnt know what kind of behaviour and attitudes are expected of us on the job,on which
topics we should have spent our time and energy. All we wanted was some guidance to guide us
atleast the first 6 months of our IT career.We could have gone for some training courses but they
were very expensive and its hard to find the right training instructor who explains keeping in mind
the pratical situations that one would face in any IT career.

With the experiences we had faced, we got the idea that may be putting all this info at one place
and making it available for free for our audience , be it students or professionals who are shifting
their career into the IT field etc could be very helpful and if it could help atleast one person the
purpose of this website remains fulfilled.

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