Important Oracle links for the new DBA

Summary of How this page can help you

This page gives you important links for the oracle documentation
so you can search for a specific syntax.

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As a new dba you will want to find the syntax for a specific functionality , or you want to find out
more about a specific functionality or you want to find out about some oracle table,package,data
dictionary view etc. You can search in google but when you are in urgency and when you want to
trust the information its better for you to have access to the main books that Oracle created for you.
Oracle website has loads of documentation for all latest versions(9i,10g,11g).

Here we will give you the links to some important books and an overview of what kind of info you
will find in those books.
Its free to download. So best is to download those books to your office PC/home pc so you have
access to the information even if the internet is down or oracle website is slow etc.

There is no need to panic by looking at the huge documentation(normally oracle documentation is
very detailed and lengthy but quite good). You can use the find option in the document to search for
the term you are interested in.

Oracle 9i Documentation

Oracle 10g R1 documentation

10g release 2 documentation

Important Books from the above links

Everything you want to learn about SQL

All about Oracle SQL

Everything you want to learn about PL/SQL

All About pl/sql

Everything you want to know about SQLPLUS

All about SQLPLUS

The database administrator guide contains all the information that you need about an oracle
database. It gives a broad overview of all dba concepts.
If you want to know something first search in below links depending upon the oracle release.

9i administrator guide

Oracle 10g R1 administrator guide

Oracle 10g release 2 administrator guide

The database reference guide gives you all the detailed information about all the dictionary views,
init.ora parameters, database limits,dynamic performance views etc.

Oracle 9i Database reference guide

Oracle 10g Release 1 Database reference guide

10g R2 Database reference

The Utilities Guide contains detailed information for oracle tools like Export , Import , Sqlloader

Oracle 9i Utilities

Oracle 10g Release 1 Utilities Guide

10G Release 2 Utilities guide

Any DBA shouldnt miss this site.Oracle's Technet.

Oracle Technet

Below Links contain administration information about the listener , tnsnames and sqlnet.ora

Net services administration 9i  

Below Link contains explanation about individual parameters in the sqlnet.ora,listener.ora etc

net services parameters explanation