How to check whether db is running
on an unix server?
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This page contains information about how you can find out on a unix server whether the
oracle database is running or not.

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After you log in into the server , you can use the below command to find out where oracle instance
is already started on the server.

ps - ef | grep pmon

The ora_pmon is the oracle background process. you can find the list of oracle background process
names and explanation here.

the various background processes get created when you start the database. A database starts up in
3 phases .
1st phase -> no mount . oracle occupies space in memory(sga is created) and starts the background
2nd phase->mount. oracle reads the control file to find out about all its datafiles and whether they
are in good status etc
3rd phase -> read write. the database is completely open and in read write mode.

oracle background processes.

once you execute the above command you should get back atleast  one line back as response
.normally you will see 2 lines . 1st line corresponding to the oracle pmon process and the 2nd line
corresponding to the command you just executed.

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