DBA career shift
Welcome..we are hoping to build this site as a useful area for anyone who is just shifting into the
DBA arena or in other words we can say its for a new DBA. This is by no means an alternative to
all the amazing websites out there with lots of indepth information. As we keep building this we are
interested to share our experiences on becoming a DBA and the various websites that contributed
to this growth. Our DBA career shift or shifting into a DBA career was satisfying and we want to
share these with you. We hope as a new DBA or as a beginner DBA you would find this site

If you are a new DBA and if you have no clue where to start,what to learn and you are
overwhelmed with the problems you get on the job , dont worry. We all faced the same stress
when we first started our dba career.

The idea behind this site is to provide you guidance on what to read,what kinds of production
problems we faced and their solutions, where to quickly find information when you are under
pressure and dont remember the syntax etc.

This site is updated and the updates will continue.So though we cant promise that you will have
solutions for every problem on this website, we can make you find the solution lot quicker than
searching in google and manually going through all the results to find your solution.

You can find useful information by clicking on the left hand menu items on this page.

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