Advantages of the DBA Career
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This page contains information of the advantages you have by shifting into a DBA Career.
Also included are the survey results in 2007 & 2008 ( both official and unofficial ) of the DBA
salaries per country.

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The information technology (IT) industry has high demand for professionals, and Oracle DBA
are among the hottest demand in the database world.
Most readers should already be familiar with Oracle and do not need an introduction to the
Oracle database world. For those who aren’t familiar with the company, Oracle, founded in
1977, sold the first commercial relational database and is now the world’s leading database
company and second-largest independent software company, with revenues of more than $10
billion, serving more than 145 countries.

Oracle databases are the defacto standard for large Internet sites, and Oracle advertisers
are boastful but honest when they proclaim that “the Internet runs on Oracle.” Almost all big
Internet sites run Oracle databases. Oracle’s penetration of the database market runs deep
and is not limited to dot-com implementations. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) application
suites, data warehouses, and custom applications at many companies rely on Oracle. The
demand for database administrator (DBA) resources remains higher than others during weak
economic times.

According to the recent salary survey done in may 2007 , DBA's are still the second highly paid
jobs among a list of IT positions like systems programmers, storage
administrators etc. The complete survey can be found on this website.

DBA Salary survey 2007

Below is the link to the unofficial survey on the DBA salaries per country
DBA salaries per country basis

DBA Salary survey 2008

I am pasting the relevant extract for Database Administrators below.

Database Administrators and Managers
In its annual salary report, Robert Half Technology recently pinned database administration and
management as one of the key growth niches in IT, particularly in light of Bureau of Labor Statistics
predictions that this sector will outpace the growth of all other occupations through 2014.
This year Robert Half expects the biggest salary bumps in this category to benefit data modelers (7
percent) and business intelligence analysts (6.6 percent).

DBA jobs are still the 2nd highly paid ones.From my experience i can say that if you take into
account the occasional oncall duties and extra hours you will have a satisfactory pay check.

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