Connecting to the Database on Windows
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This page contains information about how to log into a database on a windows server from your

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How to Connect to a Database on a Windows server?

1)It is assumed that the database is already installed on the windows server.
if the database is not installed and you want to install then please click on
Installing oracle on windows link .

2)If you have followed the above link and installed oracle then you can follow the below steps to
connect to the database.

Start SQL*Plus at the command prompt:

C:\> sqlplus / NOLOG

Connect to Oracle9i database with username SYSDBA:


If you get a message saying " connected to idle instance" then start the database.

To start a database, enter:

SQL> STARTUP [PFILE=path\filename]

This command uses the initialization parameter file specified in path\filename. To start a database
using a file named

init2.ora in C:\ora92\admin\orcl\pfile

for example, you would enter:

SQL> STARTUP PFILE=C:\ora92\admin\orcl\pfile\init2.ora

If no PFILE is specified, then the command uses the default initialization parameter file located in
directory ORACLE_BASE\ADMIN\db_name\pfile.

In case you want to shutdown the database then execute the below command. Be careful and dont
do this on a production database without informing the business users and the development team
and your colleagues.


You can also find the complete administration guide  for 9i on windows by clicking on
9i administrators guide for windows

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