Backup for the New DBA

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This page explains a new dba about what oracle backups are.

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OK. you are a new dba and you want to know everything about what oracle backups are.please
read on.

A database consists of different files like system data file , sysaux data file , undo data file , temp
file ,archive log files and other application data files and index data files .

you need to save these files regularly so in case of a database crash you can use these saved copies.
It is the same process where if you have some important photos on your personal computer you
normally save one more copy of those photos in another hard disk.

This process of saving the different oracle database files is called backups.

as a dba you normally use a tool called rman to make these backups. rman is provided by oracle
by default when you install your oracle software.

rman can be used to backup your database files on disk or onto a tape drive.

in our company we use rman to backup our oracle database files. we backup these files to a tape
drive. to backup the database files to a tape drive rman has to talk with another software which
manages the tape drives. this software is called a media management software and there are
different types of media management softwares in the market. we use TSM software.

so our backup process is as follows.

oracle dba -> runs backup command -> rman starts running -> rman talks to tsm software -> tsm
software stored the database files into the tape drives.

in our company we have a separate storage team who looks after the tsm software and tape drives
and that team is responsible for all the tape drives for all applications in our company as lot of
databases need to be backed up onto tape drives.

There are different types of rman backups . full backup , incremental backup etc.

read these links for indepth information and do practise it on your compter.

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