Tips for the DBA Interview
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This page contains tips for attending a DBA interview.It does not contain interview questions as
they will be covered at a later stage. This page deals with facts and what we experienced and heard
from our colleagues,what worked and what didnt work.

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Its very simple to give some tips and finish the article and there are plenty of websites already
where you can find similar articles. We tried to see that both the technical and personal aspects of a
candidate are covered when attending an interview.

Tip 1 for the New DBA

Speak confidently.Companies are going to give you responsibility of their production databases
which contain highly sensitive data and they want them to be in safe hands.
If you dont sound confident then they no longer are sure whether you can safely do your job.
So even if you dont  know the answer for a question still remain confident and speak
confidently.We know of interviews where a candidate was not selected just because they were
speaking without any confidence and they were not sure of themselves.We know that your next
question would be how can you be confident when you dont know the answer.If you answer 90%
of the questions rightly and confidently and if the question is a complicated one , then the
interviewer will be ok as they dont expect the candidate to be 100% perfect. If the question is a
very basic DBA question and you dont answer, then your position has started to become
weak.Once the interviewer is suspicious about you there is a chance he will try to grill you more ,so
be careful.Hence thorough preparation is necessary even if you are a new dba , experienced dba ,
oracle certified associate or oracle certified professional.

Tip 2 for the New DBA

Dont be arrogant.DBA's have an unwanted reputation that they are arrogant.Given the respect this
position has and the fat salary and the responsibility, there are individuals who act arrogant with the
managers,developers and the business users.This kind of behaviour was tolerated during the dot
com boom times. Now the times are different.Companies all over the world are looking to cut
costs.They no longer pamper the DBA's. They are looking for a  matured DBA who can work well
within the DBA team,with the application developers and the business people. So be very cool and
confident in the interview.
Even if you think the interviewer is asking silly questions,maintain your cool and exhibit professional
behaviour. This will make a big difference in the interview, once you get the job and during your job.

Tip 3 for the new DBA

Prepare throughly for the interview.You can find lot of interview questions if you search in google.
Best way is to go through each and every question and understand the answers.Practise them on
your home computer or laptop or training institute computer. You should really understand the
terminologies and the fucntionalities. If you have gone through "
50 dba terms for the new dba "
article in this site you will know which all topics you have to study and do hands on practise. There
is no substitute for doing everything by hand and implementing them on your computer. Download
the oracle software from the oracle website.It is free. Please practise.Without this you should be
very lucky to get a Job.It is possible to get a Job by answering questions confidently and we know
that these things happen.However even candidates who get a Job just by answering questions
confidently have to do very hard work once they get the job.So the point is you cant escape the
hardwork of reading and implementing them practically by hand.If you are a student please
download the latest oracle free software on your computer and pratice.We are going to give
practise exercises in a different article.If you can afford ,search for a training institute which offers
you hands on training for less money. We dont suggest trainings conducted by oracle for a new
DBA as they are very expensive and normally are covered in one week.Leave those classes for the
experienced DBA's.

Tip 4 for the new DBA

Its a common fact that in the IT industry resumes are beefed up and  lots of things are added to
make the resume appear very impressive.Be very careful.We know of candidates who have put in
their resume everything that is possible to do as an Oracle DBA and couldnt answer basic
questions on those terminologies and got rejected.So if you make the choice of  beefing up your
resume better be prepared to answer them.

Tip 5 for the new DBA

Never give answers as if you are reading from a book. This is where your hands on practise
exercises will play a very important role. If you have practised the hands on exercises, your
confidence to answer them in your own words will increase. Answer the interviewers questions by
giving examples of how you have done a certain thing. This will prove to the interviewer that you
know your stuff. The moment you give a answer as if you are reading from a book, they will
become suspicious and your interview will become miserable.

Tip 6 for the new DBA

Understand what the interviewer wants. Understand what problems they have and why they are
recruiting a DBA. Are they recruiting you because they want a RAC specialist? Are they recruiting
you because they want you to be part of their 24/7 production support? Once you understand what
they want ,explain to them and guide your interview by exhibiting your experience in that area. If the
position is for a RAC specialist then exhibit your RAC knowledge and share your RAC
experiences.If they want you for 24/7 production support then exhibit your experience of working
in shifts,working on ticketing systems,your knowledge of incident management,change management
and other ITIL processes.

Tip 7 for the New DBA

Practise speaking in front of the mirror,with your friends,family. Make them ask the questions that
you will find on this website and on the internet and answer the questions. Ask them if you are
sounding confident. Retrospect if you are speaking confidently. The mantra is practice , practice
and practice.

We hope these points would guide you and help you in your interview.If you have any questions
please free to contact us through the
contact us link on this website.

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