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why is sql important for a new oracle dba career?

Why is sql important for a new dba?

A new oracle dba should know sql because of the following reasons

1)All applications connect to the oracle database and run sql statements either to update the database or insert new data into the database or to bring back data from the case any sql statement has a problem a new dba should be able to troubleshoot and fix the problem with the sql statement.

2)If a new dba wants to find out what is going on in the database then he has to open sqlplus or another tool like TOAD and write simple select statements to read data from some important oracle internal tables/ having very good knowledge of sql will help in troubleshooting and fixing database problems quite fast.

3)when you are a production dba , your development team will give you some oracle sql scripts that you must install on the database.If you dont want to make mistakes while installing these scripts then you should have knowledge of sql and sqlplus.

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