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when to modify the SDU in a oracle database

When to modify, when not to modify the Session data unit (SDU) (Doc ID 99715.1) To Bottom

When to modify, when not to modify the Session data unit (SDU)



You are looking to optimize the data transfer by adjusting the SDU size

and what to know when to modify and when to not modify the SDU.


Tuning your application to reduce the number of round trips across the network

is the best way to improve your network performance. If this is done, it is also

possible to optimize data transfer by adjusting the size of the session data

unit (SDU).


The SDU is a buffer that Net8 uses to place data before transmitting across the network.

Net8 sends the data in the buffer either when requested or when it is full.



Modify session data unit size when:


1) The data coming back from the server is fragmented into separate



2) You are on a wide area network (WAN) that has long delays.


3) Your packet size is consistently the same.


4) Large amounts of data are returned.



Do not modify session data unit size when:


1) Your application can be tuned to account for the delays.


2) You have a higher speed network where the effect of the data transmission

is negligible.


3) Your requests return small amounts of data from the server.






Considerations when modifying the size of the SDU, may or may not be







Refer to NET8 Administrator’s guide, Release 8.1.5

Part number A67440-01



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network performance

data transfer

round trips


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