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oracle parallel query troubleshooting – List of metalink articles for the new oracle DBA

you are a new oracle DBA and you currently face production problems with some parallel queries. I have already posted some articles about how to troubleshoot parallel queries. This post has the list of all metalink articles that give you a clear idea of each and every aspect of parallel queries.

• Doc ID 263153.1 “FAQ’s about Parallel/Noparallel Hints” (briefly mentioned at the beginning of this article)
• Doc ID 203238.1 “Using Parallel Execution”
• Doc ID 826893.1 “Invalid Hint in 10g Can Cause Other Hints To Be Ignored, Including Parallel Hints”
• Doc ID 199272.1 “Why didn’t my parallel query use the expected number of slaves?”
• Doc ID 233754.1 “Why doesn’t my query run in parallel?”
• Doc ID 267330.1 “SQL statements that run in parallel with NO_PARALLEL hints”
• Doc ID 196938.1 “Why did my query go parallel?”
• Doc ID 752816.1 “Parallel Update On Table Does Not Work If Statistics Have Been Calculated”
• Doc ID 237287.1 “How To Verify Parallel Execution is running”
• Doc ID 457857.1 “Script to monitor parallel queries”
• Doc ID 280939.1 “Checklist for Performance Problems with Parallel Execution”
• Doc ID 46234.1 “Interpreting Explain plan”
• Doc ID 260845.1 “Old and new Syntax for setting Degree of Parallelism”
• Doc ID 235400.1 “Disable Parallel Execution on Session/System Level”
• Doc ID 763419.1 “Neither Table DOP nor parallel hint is saved in the Stored Outline hints”
• Doc ID 6474009.8 “Bug 6474009 – On ASSM tablespaces Scans using Parallel Query can be slower than in 9.2″
• Doc ID 6748058.8 “Bug 6748058 – A parallel query executes serially due to correlation variable”
• Doc ID 6402957.8 “Bug 6402957 – Suboptimal parallel query performance for Top-n rank queries.”
• Doc ID 873392.1 “Ora-04030 with high PGA allocation for ‘kxs-heap-p’ under session heap”
• Doc ID 844538.1 “Wrong Results For ROWNUM During Parallel Execution on RAC”
• Doc ID 755975.1 “Parallel Query With Virtual Private Database Returns Wrong Result or Fails With ORA-600[kzrtgpp – kxfxslavesql]

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