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Oracle Open World 2017 – What Larry said

The world is moving very fast. If you dont move fast , your competitors are going to make you disappear. Obviously Larry doesnt need to be told this.

Larry announced the Automated oracle database which guarantees a high availability of 99% and automated patching , performance tuning , automated security controls for preventing security attacks and data  theft .

One would automatically wonder about the future of the DBA. Larry said that they dont have to worry. The X Gen DBA would concentrate on schema design , SOX and other extensive security related activities , machine learning to name a few .

Amazon took a hit when its flagship database was shown to perform 6 times lower and at the same time 6 times expensive to run customer workloads in the cloud

The automated database for datawarehouses will be released in december 2017. The OLTP version will be released in june 2018.

The autonomous database requires RAC,active data guard and multitenancy .

The pricing will be advantageous to enterprises that can commit certain amount of monthly usage in the cloud.

Oracle is for sure betting heavily on the cloud as it believes customers are continuously looking to cut costs and the automated database 18c will benefit all the customers who are ” willing to pay less ” in the words of Larry.

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