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oracle deprecated parameters – knowledge article for the new oracle dba

sometimes if you have deprecated oracle initialization parameters in your pfile or spfile then when you start your oracle database you can see warning messages in your alert.log file or your cluster log files in case you are starting your database through a cluster on solaris server for example..

when you see these errors you have to remove these obsolete parameters from your pfile or spfile. below paragraph explains in detail on how to handle these obsolete oracle parameter warning messages.

Following parameters are deprecated in release 10.2.


Check this in your parameter file.

As per Oracle Errors Documents.

Error : ORA-32004

Cause: One or more obsolete and/or parameters were specified in the
SPFILE or the PFILE on the server side.
Action: See alert log for a list of parameters that are obsolete. or
deprecated. Remove them from the SPFILE or the server side PFILE

Please take a look at the below URL for more information on Obsolete and Deprecated parameters in Oracle 10g R2.

Deprecated Initialization Parameters

Initialization Parameters Obsolete in Release 10.2

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