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dba career – FAQ’s

The normal faq’s for dba career are given below. I have seen the following different questions in google

1)I want to become a database administrator. what should i do?

2)I am a new dba . how can i improve myself by spending quality time and within a short frame of time?

3)I am already   a dba . how can i grow in my career?

4)i have just finished graduation and i want to pursue the dba career path. what should i do?

5)I am a dba and i have 5 years experience. i dont know what my dba career future is?

6)i am  a programmer. i want to find out more about the oracle dba career?

7)i am a dba and i want some advice about future dba career objectives.can someone help me?

8)what are the top 10 secrets for dba career success?

9)what is a oracle dba career job  description?

10)what is the salary for an oracle dba?will i get good salary if i become a oracle dba?

There are many websites which give indepth answers to the above questions.

Let me try to answer in points

1)first read about the dba career advantages


2)learn sql. This is very very important. do atleast 60 -70 exercises on sql using different forms of sql terminologies like group by , where clause , having clause , sub queries etc.

read this link sql

you can also select the sql category from the list box in this website.

I am going to put all the different forms of sql statements in a short while.

3)learn pl/sql . once you sql it is not very difficult to learn pl/sql though to get real mastery takes years like any other skill.

4)know the 40 things or terminologies that a dba should know. This will give you an idea on what to this link.

50 dba terms you should know

5)spend 1 hour minimum in oracle forums every day. This will help you to understand the different terminologies. any skill like car driving or swimming doesnt come in 1 day. your mind needs some time to remember everything and to coordinate with your body. similarly all the dba terminologies were very confusing to me in the initial days of my career. i can tell you from experience you will get rid of the feeling as you keep on hearing the same words again and again and hence please do go through the oracle forums here.
oracle forums for the new dba

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