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OCM Preparation for the oracle dba

how do you prepare for the OCM Certification?

first a very nice discussion about the dba career

Couple of Opinions about OCM

The OCM is a 2 day practical exam. You actually have to do things with the
database. It’s not a multiple choice exam like the other certifications. As
a result, it actually proves you can use Oracle for the tested scenarios.

The 2 day practical exam is very expensive. Added to this there is a
requirement to attend two Oracle University courses, which means the the
total cost is very high indeed. Of all the database certifications I think
OCM is the most meaningful, but I refuse to pay that sort of money out of my
own pocket. If an employer paid for me to do it that would be a different

Official link to the oracle website about the OCM course

Exam Objectives

this is the OCM Candidate guide

Practical advice from an already OCM

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