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how to stop a oracle scheduler job using the force option – for the new oracle dba

you are a new oracle dba . you were asked to run a command to forcefully stop an oracle scheduler job.

1.find out the job name

select * from dba_scheduler_jobs the below command in sqlplus using the correct job name

execute dbms_scheduler.stop_job(jobName, force=>true);

3.ensure that you have proper privileges

4.verify any error messages through the below link

below info explains the different parameters that can be used in the dbms_scheduler.stop_job procedure.


force If force is set to FALSE, the Scheduler tries to gracefully stop the

job using an interrupt mechanism. This method gives control back

to the slave process, which can update the status of the job in the job

queue to stopped. If this fails, an error is returned.

If force is set to TRUE, the Scheduler will immediately terminate

the job slave. Oracle recommends that STOP_JOB with force set to

TRUE be used only after a STOP_JOB with force set to FALSE has


Use of the force option requires the MANAGE SCHEDULER system


job_name A comma-separate list of entries, where each entry can be one of the


■ Job name—the name of an existing job, optionally preceded by

a schema name and dot separator.

■ Job destination ID—a number, obtained from the JOB_DEST_

ID column of the *_SCHEDULER_JOB_DESTS views, that

represents the unique combination of a job, a credential, and a


■ Job class—the name of a job class. Must be preceded by the SYS

schema name and a dot separator.

If you specify a job class, all jobs that belong to that job class are

stopped. If you specify a job that was created with a destination

group as its destination_name attribute, all job instances on all

destinations are stopped.


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