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How to create oracle wallets in 10g – for the new oracle dba

Below article from oracle metalink explains about how to create a oracle wallet using command line in oracle 10g.

A new oracle dba can find a brief summary of the commands and steps required to create oracle wallets.A more detailed article will follow later.


How to Create a New Wallet and Add a Signed Certficate Using orapki [ID 331092.1]  


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Applies to:

Oracle Security Service – Version: 10.2
Information in this document applies to any platform.


Oracle Wallet Manager, OWM, is a graphical tool used to manage Oracle Wallet.  In 10g Release 1 Oracle introduced a command line interface to allow wallets to be managed without the need to use OWM.  Release 2 of 10g extends the functionality of orapki.  In Release 2 it is now possible to completely manage the life-cycle of a wallet using orapki.


1. Create a new wallet

$ orapki wallet create -wallet /tmp -pwd welcome1

2. Add a certificate request

$ orapki wallet add -dn "cn=test,dc=test" -keysize 1024 -wallet /tmp
Enter wallet password:

3. Export the certificate request

$ orapki wallet export -wallet /tmp -dn "CN=test,DC=test" -request /tmp/newcrt.req
Enter wallet password:

4. Sign the certificate request.

5. Import the Trusted certificate from your CA

$ orapki wallet add -wallet /tmp -trusted_cert -cert /tmp/cacert.pem
Enter wallet password:

6. Import the signed user certificate

$ orapki wallet add -wallet /tmp -user_cert -cert /tmp/newcert.pem
Enter wallet password:

7. Switch the wallet to Auto Login

$ orapki wallet create -wallet /tmp -auto_login
Enter wallet password:




  • Oracle Database Products > Oracle Database > Net Services > Oracle Security Service




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