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Can i do a Oracle DBA Job

1. Yes , you can 

2.90% of the activities are administration activities. You learn them once and even if you change the company you would still do the same kind of activities.This is the advantage of the DBA Job . You would not need to start from scratch if you change the company. Ofcourse there are activities like performance tuning where you would also need to know how the application is used by the users , how the database interacts with other architectural components like operating systems , application servers , network , network attached storage , storage attached network , backup components etc.

3. Remember i said under point 2 that you can do the DBA job 90% of the time simply by learning all the administration commands and procedures . The remaining 10% you would need extensive pl/sql and sql skills for preparing scripts for adhoc database maintenance activities . You should work hard to improve your sql and pl/sql skills.

4.Be professional and consider yourself as part of the team containing oracle developers, testers, business analysts etc. You are not above them and you are not doing anyone a favour. You are working together with different skilled colleagues to help your organization.

5.Dont worry. Make a consistent effort. If you are working currently in a different technology then please spend daily 2 hours and even if you do not understand the words , you would slowly gain expertise.

6.All the best.

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