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Free Oracle DBA Training

Welcome . Do you want to become an oracle dba? Do you need step by step guidance? If so…you can use this blog to improve yourself from being a new DBA into an experienced DBA.
On the left hand side of this webpage you can see the “Topics” list box where you can select the topic and read the posts of your choice. Follow the below strategy and you will improve your DBA skills.


click below link to see the 50 things that you should know to become a Oracle DBA

As a new dba you might want to ask lot of questions and many questions might have already been answered in oracle forums.go to this link and search and most probably you will get all your answers oracle forums

How can you best utilize this blog if you are a new DBA?

Some people learn fast by trying to find answers to questions.If you like to go in this way then you can read the different interview questions here interviewquestions

you can view the real life dba scenarios by selecting the real life scenarios in the left hand side list box.

you can also view real life dba tasks related videos here. dba videos


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